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When you are drunk Vs When you are not
January 14, 2019
Have you ever consumed too much alcohol? If you have, then you know that being drunk and not being drunk are two different situations. Can you carry out your daily activities effectively when you are under the influence of alcohol?

We all know what it means to act normal. Laugh when something is funny, talk when it is time to talk. Even when we crack jokes, it is done with sanity. That’s what it means to be normal.

What about being drunk? It’s just a little drink, till it starts to kick in. Some will say that they are just tipsy, they are fine. But are they? How many more bottles will it take to knock them out? Let us remember that the misbehavior starts when one is tipsy.

People do all kinds of unspeakable things when they are drunk. For example: waking up by the roadside, laughing unnecessarily, vomiting, etc. These can never happen to a non-alcoholic.

It is always wise to drink responsibly. Most especially, don’t drink and drive.
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